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At Water Boy Pasadena, we carry a range of alkaline water solutions, including refills, filtration systems, and portable options. We also carry many wellness products that can help you sustain a healthy lifestyle. We are proud to serve the Pasadena area, providing the finest water in Texas, for over 5 years.

Our proprietary ceramic conversion process makes our water alkaline, and is designed to mimic natural water filtration. Using this method ensures that the water you purchase from us is the best tasting and healthiest water that you have ever had.

We believe that water is life, and proper hydration creates optimal health and wellness. No matter your needs, you will be treated with the highest levels of care when you are dealing with any of the staff of Water Boy Pasadena. Come and visit us today!

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Our Mission

Water Boy Pasadena specializes in providing water and filtration solutions for every aspect of your daily life. We’re dedicated to changing lives around the world with water filtered the way that Nature intended—pure, clean, alkaline water that’s so vital we call it “The Living Water”. By changing the water that you drink, cook, and bathe with in your home, you can feel good about your water, and even better about yourself.

Kind Words From Our Customers!

DISCLOSURE: These are the personal and unsolicited opinions of individuals. They have not been compensated for their reviews.

After 2 weeks of drinking the Alkaline water my memory seems to be more clear

Chris P Bacon

I just tried Hydrogen Water for the 1st time during the last month and it seems to help clear up my skin and I noticed my hair seems more manageable

Krystall Ball

For the last 2 months I have switched to Alkaline water and I feel my energy level is higher and my workouts at the gym seem more productive

Jed I Knight

The Roots of the Waterboy

Water Boy Pasadena is dedicated to creating and providing the best water and wellness products available. Our mission is to optimize health by changing the water that you drink, cook with, bathe in, and use all around your home. We specialize in alkaline water solutions for every aspect of your life and are always looking for new ways to improve the way you live.

If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.

Loren Eiseley

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